Beau Soir Music Video

 Escape into the wonderful world of Lullabies in Motion where lullabies aren’t just for babies, but for everyone. The 1st video from the Lullabies in Motion series, “Beau Soir,” by Claude Debussy is a homage to the composer and his love for his Turkish Angora cat. This enchanting story takes us on a magical journey into the dreamworld of Debussy’s psyche.

I received the opportunity to work with Dolce Classics LLC and art direct the whole film, from creating storyboards, character designs, to final backgrounds.

Director: Shaun Drew

Animator: Ezra Edmond

Producers: Katherine Liner and Shaun Drew

Vocals: Katherine Liner

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Beau Soir – Claude Debussy – Lullabies in Motion (Katherine Liner)
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