A blind homeless boy loses his one coin and sets out to find it, only to discover a trail of music that leads him to something more beautiful than he could ever imagine.

I was the director and animator for my undergraduate thesis short at the University of Southern California. I hand painted all the backgrounds in watercolor and animated the film frame by frame in Adobe Photoshop. This film was inspired by my time studying abroad in Florence, Italy, where I was able to listen to the guitarist Piotr Tomaszewski render his beautiful tunes in the Piazza della Signoria.

Director/ Background Painter/ Animator/ Producer: Tiffanie Mang
Composer: Lance Trevino
Sound Designer: Zheng Jia
Guitarist: Vladimir Gorbach
Secondary Guitarist: Markus Illko

To view the full film, visit https://vimeo.com/95378337 and use the password TMthesis14
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