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Digital Painting Mentorship

Level up your digital painting skills in an online mentorship with me.

Gouache Painting Mentorship

Master the art of color mixing in this 8 week online gouache mentorship. 

gouache Mentorship

Throughout this bootcamp. I will encourage mentees to sharpen their observational skills through gouache plein air studies and challenge each mentee to step outside their comfort zone with uniquely designed exercises. I am not teaching you to paint in a certain style: I am training you to master the tools you have at hand to unlock your full potential and create pieces that sing from within.

Student Testimonials

“I absolutely loved working with Tiffanie during my mentorship. I especially appreciated the way she curated my time with her to specifically help with my needs as an artist, and took the time to really try and answer all my questions thoughtfully. As an animation industry professional used to a more systematic way of approaching an image, her fine arts perspective enormously helped me get out of my comfort zone so that I can propel myself into the next level of my artistic journey.”

Diana Ling, Los Angeles Digital Mentorship 2020

"Tiffanie is a real mentor. She doesn't want to impose her style on someone else, but is genuinely interested in helping them progress. That is true mentorship for me. I can't wait until everything clicks into place and I get beyond just painting the pretty picture."

Astrid Volquardsen, Germany Gouache Mentorship 2021

“Taking the gouache painting mentorship with Tiffanie Mang was like flickering bright lights suddenly starting to move towards me from the end of a dark tunnel, the dark tunnel being my journey learning to paint with gouache. Week to week Tiffanie’s painting exercises evolved based on my individual progress, and her 1on1 paint over sessions helped rewire my brain to SEE correct values, color tones, temperatures, saturation, shapes, clarity. At the end of the 8 weeks I can say that things are starting to click, I am now more confident and more mindful when painting with gouache or any other medium. I look forward to applying what I learned in my upcoming paintings, and I can’t wait for spring term to take it to the next level.”

Ameer Malkosh, Irvine Gouache Mentorship 2020, 2021

“Tiffanie is a very generous, giving, and caring teacher, and I was in a big art funk when I saw Tiffanie’s mentorship opening, and it was the best thing I could have done at the time! Tiffanie is an incredibly talented artist. I’d fallen in love with her work, so when I saw her mentorship opportunity I immediately went for it and I’m so glad! Tiffanie is a very patient teacher, and knows exactly how to bring out your artistic best. I can’t recommend it enough!”

Beatriz Novais, Portugal Digital Mentorship 2020

“Taking the mentorship with Tiffanie has been a catalyst to my learning and I feel that I have been guided to grow a lot and battle through some plateaus within the language of painting. Having gained a lot more confidence with applying color, I am looking forward to developing my skill set with excitement and less apprehension! ”

Arthur Phillips, London Digital Mentorship 2020

“Tiffanie Mang’s mentorship really pushed me to my limits. I have always struggled with color and composition, but now I feel more confident to apply it to my illustrations after taking her intensive course. She teaches not only fundamentals in art, but also inspires you with her extensive knowledge of techniques and wisdom from master painters. I have learned a lifetime full of lessons packed into 8 weeks and recommend anyone who wants to propel their art skills to another level to take her mentorship.”

Albert Lim, Los Angeles Digital Mentorship 2020

“Tiffanie Mang’s 1-on-1 mentorship is more than I could have imagined. My gouache course had ample references and visual discoveries for each topic. Tiffanie is keen to write a personal script for your artwork each week. Tiffanie values ( a topic she likes) you as an artist. Her goal is to help you hang your star a little higher! Well done, Tiffanie!”

Susan Hall, Washington Gouache Mentorship 2020

“Tiffanie’s eight week gouache mentorship was an enjoyable, challenging, educational and enlightening experience. Tiffanie is a friendly, generous and approachable teacher who explains theory and concepts very well. Her guidance and feedback on the weekly tasks has provided me with an understanding of value, colour and temperature that I didn’t previously have. With her help, I have not only improved but I now also have a structure and a broad range of exercises to help me continue my development. I can’t speak highly enough of Tiffanie’s mentorship program, if you are willing to put in the work, Tiffanie can help take your skills and knowledge to the next level.”

Darren Frisina, Australia Gouache Mentorship 2020

“If you are looking for a mentorship with someone who cares and genuinely wants to see you succeed in art, I highly recommend this one. Tiffanie does much more than just critique a painting. She tailors lessons to your skill level and strategically plans to help you level up.  I’ve left this mentorship with not just a portfolio piece, but also a study plan to keep on improving in the future.”

— Marie Trias, Los Angeles, Digital Mentorship 2021

“After taking two mentorships with Tiffanie my work has improved immensely. Her focus on the fundamentals has been paramount and she really helped me find my voice. Now I feel like I have direction and my work has purpose. Thank you Tiffanie!”

— Lindsey Serata, Los Angeles, Gouache Mentorship 2020, Digital Mentorship 2021

“My mentorship with Tiffanie really helped me to see some of what I was missing in my work to bring it to another level.  You can never have enough foundation, and you can’t have a better teacher than Tiffanie for learning these concepts.  I highly recommend this mentorship as Tiffanie has plenty of insights to share that would definitely help anybody looking to improve their painting skills!”

— Alex Chao, Japan, Digital Mentorship 2021

“I absolutely loved this mentorship program! Tiffanie is an incredible teacher. I had been struggling to get a handle on color and light for years and her lessons really built on each other to finally get me to understand what I had been missing. After completing her mentorship I feel like she has given me the tools to continue teaching myself and learning to become a better artist.”

— Maureen Saverot, Virginia, Digital Mentorship 2020

“As someone who works as a concept artist for video games and paints landscapes regularly, I was really feeling a need to level up and push myself to improve my paintings and professional work. I’m really glad I was able to attend Tiffanie’s first mentorship term. Not only did I paint an average of 15 paintings a week, I really got a lot out of our weekly discussions, not only on the practices of art, but even art theory, and just life in general. Tiffanie was able to see the things I was struggling with as a painter and focus on helping me fix the bad habits I’ve developed over the years to help me improve. I can’t recommend her mentorship enough.”

— Nathan Stapley, New York, Digital Mentorship 2020

“This isn’t just an online class; it’s a full-on mentorship. We had intense 1-on-1 painting sessions, and Tiffanie created an individualized plan specifically to help my growth as an artist. She is incredibly inspiring and has a great attitude for learning, and I definitely recommend this to anyone no matter your skill level.”

— Nao Tokunaga, Japan, Digital Mentorship 2020

“My time studying with Tiffanie was definitely time well spent. We took a trip through the fundamentals of painting and picture making that opened my eyes to things that had been missing in my work. She designed exercises to help me practice individual concepts and shore up some weaknesses. I highly recommend working with her, and I hope to do it again myself!”

— Chris Bradley, Los Angeles, Digital Mentorship 2020

Tiffanie is a great teacher who really stretched me to think about the foundations of picture making. The homework she set is rigorous and pegged to my understanding, intended to push my understanding in a particular concept. Her critiques are spot on and she never sells out, pushes me to try again with understanding. I truly appreciate how she created a tight mentorship jam packed with not just valuable 1 on 1 critique, but also demos and guest speakers to expose us and give us opportunity to ask questions to industry artists. I’ve learnt a great deal and done work beyond my expectation given that I have no digital background. Thank you Tiffanie!

—  Eesock Ang, Singapore, Digital Mentorship 2021

Student Gallery

Check out some student work below from both mentorships!

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