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I'll be part of the 24th Annual LPAPA Invitational! 

The 2022 Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational features 35 of the nation’s top award-winning plein air artists who are dedicated to painting the landscape and preserving Laguna’s artistic legacy and plein air painting tradition. During the 9-day plein air art festival, the invited artists will paint in and around Laguna Beach and the surrounding communities, coastlines, and canyons. There will be opportunities to purchase original paintings created during the week, meet and greet with the artists, in-person outdoors, as well as opportunities to attend virtually through our live-streamed events. The artists will submit what they consider to be their best paintings at the end of the week for the awards judging for the Collectors Gala exhibition.

Save the dates for the 24th Annual Laguna Invitational
October 1 – 9, 2022
(The Collectors Gala is on Saturday October 8th!)

Finding Freedom with Limitation

In this two day masterclass, Tiffanie will be sharing the power of creating thumbnail studies from a limited palette consisting of the primary colours and white.

When going out to plein air, you want to bring the least amount of supplies with you as possible, and stripping down on your colours is a great way to practice the fundamentals of colour mixing while still getting a wide range of colour variation and values in your painting. Using less colours can actually be more freeing; you are forced to be more creative with the limited options that you have.

September 19 and 20, 2022

Mandurah, Western Australia

The Power of Harnessing Grays

Greys, more often than not, are the underrated and overlooked ingredients that can make a painting come alive.  They get a bad rep because it is so easy to mix “muddy colours”, when in reality, there is no such thing as a muddy colour, but only muddy relationships of value.

In this two day masterclass, Tiffanie will show how to harness and transform any grey to work for your painting, and to be able to see past the colour and understand the relationships between your hues.


September 22 and 23, 2022

Mandurah, WesterN Australia

Finding Freedom with Limitation

In this three day gouache masterclass, Tiffanie will be sharing the power of creating plein air thumbnail studies from a limited palette and taking that to a more refined study in the studio. Students will learn how to create engaging compositions with notan studies and practice the art of simplification.  In the next couple of days, students will learn how to create a wide range of colors from the warm and cool primaries, harnessing both saturation and neutral grays in their paintings.

FEB 24 and 26, 2023

Sevilla, Spain

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