Tiffanie's Workshops in 2022

I’m excited to be teaching virtual and physical workshops this year for gouache and digital painting! 

Shape Meditation

 Regardless of whatever medium you work in, understanding how to design is the common thread–the vehicle–that allows you as an artist to convey your visual narrative in the best way possible.  In this two day workshop, Tiffanie will teach students what it means to design with intention with seven main visual tools.  She will also discuss the principles and methods one can use to organize their composition better, and share exercises to help students design the shapes that make up their painting in the best way possible. 

This workshop is hosted with Plein Air Down Under. This September, I am excited to be a Feature Artist at Plein Air Down Under, an outdoor painting festival held in the Peel Region of Western Australia, from September 24-26th. In addition to the festival weekend, there are additional pre- festival workshops and activities all designed to celebrate the art of painting outdoors.  Come and join me in Australia! 

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DAY 1 (July 9th): The Power of Lines 
Tiffanie will go over the seven visual tools used to create a successful painting.  We will then dive into the importance of lines and compositional grids that can be used to arrange the shapes in your painting more intentionally. We will also study master paintings to see how the masters organized their paintings compositionally.

DAY 2 (July 23rd-CORRECT DATE): The Power of 2 Values
We will transition from line to shape and discuss the power of notan (2 value) studies to simplify your statement into the most concise way possible.  Matrix studies are probably one of the most effective ways to see if your final painting will read properly, and provides a clear roadmap for a successful painting. Tiffanie will demo how to break down master studies and her own photos into matrix studies. 

July 9th and July 23rd (2 DAYS)// 5-9 PM PST both days

 $108 USD for both days // $60 USD for one day

**This Workshop will be ONLINE through ZOOM.
Exercises will be given for students to practice during the workshop and after each day.


finding freedom through limitation

In this two day workshop, Tiffanie will be sharing the power of creating a painting from a limited palette of the primary colors and white for plein air.  When going out to plein air, you want to bring the least amount of supplies with you as possible, and stripping down on your colors is a great way to practice the fundamentals of color mixing while still getting a wide range of color variation and values in your painting. Using less colors can actually be more freeing; you are forced to be more creative with the limited options that you have. With the limited palette, you can mix all the colors you need- your secondary colors and earth tones.

DAY 1 (Aug 19th): All you need is Three Colors (or Two!)

Having a balance and variety in colors are essential in a painting.  Balance and variety in saturation versus neutral grays is what makes a painting come alive and sing, and you can achieve that all with three colors! Students will learn about the basics of color theory, the properties of the color wheel, and practice how to mix the secondary colors and earth tones from just the primaries.  

DAY 2 (Aug 20th): Application en plein air

 Tiffanie will demo how she paints with the limited palette en plein air while explaining the thought process behind her color mixing, how she designs her composition with proper values, and how she arranges her color notes around her focal point.  Students will go out now and practice painting en plein air with the limited palette of lemon yellow, yellow ochre, alizarin crimson, and ultramarine.

August 19-20th 2022 // 9-4 PM EST both days

$350 for two days

** This is a physical workshop held at Studio Three Hearts School in Georgia. 


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