Workshops 2021

Check in here for upcoming workshops! Due to covid, most workshops will be online, unless otherwise specified.


From Paint to Pixels

Mike Hernandez and I  will be teaching an online workshop, ‘From Paint to Pixels”.  In this workshop, we will tackle the same image in gouache and digital painting to show how we translate the image in our own interpretations and styles.  

June 26-27th
$260 for both days

Mike will be demoing the gouache demo, and I will be demoing the digital demo.  I will be moderating on the day Mike demos, and he will be moderating on the day I paint my digital demo.

We will give students homework, and they will have a week to complete the homework until July 4th.   If they want critique, they will upload their work to a google drive folder created for the workshop, and we will both comment/ paint over the work if delivered on time.

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